A program adapted to your needs

Are you a collaborator of the VINCI group and wish to understand the environmental challenges?

Sustainable city actor

A training-action program to discover and contribute to innovative projects for the environment. Following the “Sustainable city actor” program, allows you to become part of the Ecowork community.

Duration: 2 months – 4h/month

You wish to take action and raise awareness among your teams?

Booster course

A supporting program with tools to mobilize one’s team around the two highlights of the environment.

Following the « Booster » program, helps speed-up the awareness and commitment of each person around the policy of the VINCI environment.

2 months – 5h/month

You wish to get you team and clients on board with VINCI’s great envronmental ambition for 2030?

Transition leader course

A program designed for local managers such as company or BU managers, site managers, agency, SD, concession or area directors who want to raise awareness, mobilize and take action to become powerful voices of VINCI’s environmental ambition.

Duration: 1 months – 12h/month

You are an enthusiast of scientific research?

Lab course

Assistant to highlight the economic value of research issues.

Our ambition is to create bridges between research which is led by the environmental research lab and the VINCI collaborators, to showcase and develop projects.

Duration: 3 months – 4h/month

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