Our vision

When it comes to our vision in 10 years from now, cities will be used to preserve resources and anticipate the social, environmental and economic balances of the future. The construction sector will be one step ahead of human needs. The integration of environmental issues will turn VINCI and the environmental research lab into a leader in the field in construction and development.

Our purpose

Since 2015, ecowork has been the community for VINCI employees and researchers who yearn to act for a sustainable city through methodologies leaning on creativity and innovation. ecowork trains in methodologies and supports action by providing access to tools and environmental innovation.


Turn the environment into a driving force of innovation at VINCI

Support the environment research lab in enhancing its tools

Mix the circles of stakeholders and promote meetings


Mobilize and align stakeholders around environmental challenges

Develop adapted methodologies

Distribute eco-design tools


Members in 10 subsidiaries and research labs


Active ambassadors


Solutions implemented

Solving real challenges internally

Environmental awareness

Eco-actions on construction sites

Eco-actions at headquarters

Raising awareness and adopting practices and tools

Environmental strategy action plan

Highlighting business through the environment

VINCI is a global player in terms of concessions and contracting businesses, who employs more than 222,000 people in nearly 120 countries. Its mission is to design, finance, build and manage infrastructures and equipment which contribute to the improvement of daily life and the mobility for all.

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makesense is an international community that supports committed citizens, passionate entrepreneurs, and visionary organizations to jointly solve the social and environmental challenges of our times.

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The environmental research lab is the outcome of a scientific partnership between VINCI and ParisTech. Its aim is to improve the environmental performance of buildings, neighborhoods and infrastructure.

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Our team

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